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  2. Idk Why this is so funny.

    Idk Why this is so funny.

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حب | via Tumblr on We Heart It.


    حب | via Tumblr on We Heart It.

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    It doesn’t seem dated, your attitude is dated. This is the 21st century.

    Women deserve to be in STEM programs just as much as men. I’d wager they deserve to succeed in the Sciences even more than men because of the sexism and misogyny they experience.

    They struggle to get in because they’re the minority, and a lot of people who could admit them are sexist (regardless of gender) because of the society they grew up in. Its not through any intellectual weakness. These women are amazing and just as smart as the men in their fields.

    You have no right to say these things to these amazing women, many of whom I consider to be friends.

    Wow. That seems like really fucking wrong. And offensive.
    And I would love to take some more time out of my day to be pissed about it.

    It seems that I have a lot of fucking science to do. 
    So, uh, screw that.
    If anybody needs me, me and my lady bits will be getting some fucking science done.


    I’m oddly excited to have been name checked by this shitty anon. Because it means that the very fact that I got into an Ivy League, top 15 science PhD program (where I fucking belong) is a giant fuck you to shitty anon. Also, shitty anons make Lewis sad. Because Lewis is a feminists science hippo.


    imageBest way for me to deal with shitty nonnies who think women can’t do science? DO MORE SCIENCE!!!! MWAHAHAHA


    Crap, I’m a woman biologist. I’d go get another career but I have a groundbreaking thesis on rapid evolution of reproductive isolation between seed beetle populations to finish. 

    I’m not a well-known tumblr scientist…but I am a scientist all the same. And while I could probably obtain a more gender-appropriate occupation… I’m pretty content with the fact I’m an atmospheric chemist Additionally, I am also one of the few women who have managed to be selected to intern at NASA’s airborne research program. 




    Do I not deserve a place in the STEM fields, anon? 

    Hey ladies! Mind if some physicists join in?

    At the CERN visiting the CMS part of the LHC where were were working for 8 months on both computational and experimental work:


    Presenting our research at a conference on Physics of Living Systems:

    And visiting the Wind Tunnel experiment after presenting our research at Max Planck Institute at a Advances in Cardiac Dynamics Workshop


    Yo, I haven’t posted for a while, but I’m doing a PhD in isotope geochemistry and this made me mad enough to come out of the Pb isotope lab and take this ‘selfie’ to make damn sure no-one thinks that girls can’t do science. I do what I do because I love it, and you know what? I kick ass at it. So jog on hateful anon, we’ve got science to do. 


    I’m just a guy who happens to be a science major, but even I feel outrage when I hear that girls/women either do not like or are not good at science.  This is such a preposterous notion!  Those who hold to this idea are either unaware or ignore the enormous amount of data that proves otherwise.  See my post here.

    Marine biologist reporting in! Saw this on my dash and thought I’d join :P
    This is just me plodding along doing some coral growth monitoring assessments, bioimaging, endless GC work on isoprene production in marine bacteria, analysing data and debating with my internationally recognised (female) peers about the implications of future climate change on the tropics etc. 

    But its science! And I friggin love it. So please anon, don’t tell me what I can’t do.

    photo DSC_0027_zps6fe8d334.jpg

    I feel like this was a ploy to draw out pictures of beautiful brilliant women. Mmm, science women.

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vintage/nature/vertical ♡

✿ ❀ ❁ Nature Blog ❁ ❀ ✿ 
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  8. The lack of symmetry bothers me…

    The lack of symmetry bothers me…

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    so true

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